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Individuals : Ake - webtreesonline


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Aline Marie Ake
Aline Marie Meyer
Aline MarieAAAAAkeAkeAAAAAline Marie 0September 25, 19142420401104McCulloch Co, Texas, USA00yes2456841  -1  FYESY100 
Allie Ake
AllieAAAAAkeAkeAAAAAllie 0December 4, 18832409149135Texas00November 21, 19752442738439133589Brady, McCulloch Co., Texas  FYESY100 
Alta Lee Sue Ake
Alta Lee Sue Honig
Alta Lee SueAAAAAkeAkeAAAAAlta Lee Sue 0July 27, 19052417054114Lohn, McCulloch Co., Texas00yes2453554  -1  FYESY100 
Alvin John Ake
Alvin JohnAAAAAkeAkeAAAAAlvin John 0October 26, 1924242408594Mason Co., Texas00January 12, 19992451191207427106Abliene, Taylor Co., Texas  MY100Y100R
Avis Ethlyn Ake
Avis Ethlyn Heavenhill
Avis EthlynAAAAAkeAkeAAAAAvis Ethlyn 0December 8, 19092418649109Rochelle, McCulloch Co., Texas00December 19782443859406825195Artesia, Eddy Co., New Mexico  FYESY100R
Bert Ake
BertAAAAAkeAkeAAAABert 019042416663115Texas00yes2453188  -1  MYESY100 
Bonnie Sue Ake
Bonnie SueAAAAAkeAkeAAAABonnie Sue 0February 1, 1930242600989San Angelo, Tom Green Co., Texas00June 29, 19972450629226724620Gooch Cemetery  FY100Y100R
C. Ake
C.AAAAAkeAkeAAAAC. 0December 25, 1885240990113300April 14, 19212422794983512893Lohn, McCulloch Co., Texas  FYESY100R
Calvin Robert Ake
Calvin RobertAAAAAkeAkeAAAACalvin Robert 0February 26, 19122419459107Brady, McCulloch Co., Texas00December 22, 19892447883297728424Tom Green Co., Texas  MYESY100 
Carolyn Annbell Ake
Carolyn AnnbellAAAAAkeAkeAAAACarolyn Annbell 0February 5, 195124336836800October 26, 1961243759957103916House fire  FY100Y100R
Caselton Brooks Harper Ake
Caselton Brooks HarperAAAAAkeAkeAAAACaselton Brooks Harper 0about 1800237867921955November 186524025561536524045Sebastian Co., Arkansas  MYESYES 
Charlie Reuben Ake
Charlie ReubenAAAAAkeAkeAAAACharlie Reuben 0December 30, 18812408445137McCulloch Co., Texas00March 1, 19072417636112259191Lohn, McCulloch Co., Texas  MYESYES 
Claiborne Ake
ClaiborneAAAAAkeAkeAAAAClaiborne 0August 15, 18772406847142Mason Co., Texas33January 4, 190924183111103111464Near Lubbock, Lubbock Co., Texas  MYESYES 
Clyde Ake
ClydeAAAAAkeAkeAAAAClyde 0 2420681 001957243602262 -1Globe, Arizona  MYESY100 
Clyde Tilmon Ake
Clyde TilmonAAAAAkeAkeAAAAClyde Tilmon 0August 1, 19152420711104Texas00November 13, 19732442000455821289Jones Co., Texas  MYESY100R
Curtis Billy Ake
Curtis BillyAAAAAkeAkeAAAACurtis Billy 0January 1, 195324343796600October 26, 196124375995783220House fire  MY100Y100R
Dau Ake
DauAAAAAkeAkeAAAADau 0 2411186 11yes2447710  -1  FYESY100 
Earl Ake
EarlAAAAAkeAkeAAAAEarl 0May 19, 1931242648188McCulloch Co., Texas00May 19, 193124264818800McCulloch Co., Texas  MY100Y100R
Edna Joyce Ake
Edna JoyceAAAAAkeAkeAAAAEdna Joyce 0May 26, 19162421010103McCulloch Co., Texas00yes2457571  -1  FYESY100R
Elizabeth Ake
ElizabethAAAAAkeAkeAAAAElizabeth 0 2379409 00yes2415933  -1  FYESYES 
Ella Mae Ake
Ella MaeAAAAAkeAkeAAAAElla Mae 0July 15, 1917242142510200August 11, 19892447750307226325Tom Green Co., Texas  FYESY100 
Ella Ree (Mary) Ake
Ella Ree (Mary)AAAAAkeAkeAAAAElla Ree (Mary) 019182421777101Texas00yes2458302  -1  FYESY100R
Ellen Luella Ake
Ellen LuellaAAAAAkeAkeAAAAEllen Luella 019092418490110McCulloch Co., Texas00yes2455015  -1  FYESY100 
Ernest Dee Ake
Ernest DeeAAAAAkeAkeAAAAErnest Dee 0February 7, 19092418345110Lohn, McCullough Co., Texas00September 20, 19842445964357527619Brady, McCulloch Co., Texas  MYESY100 
Erven Irving (Erwin) Ake
Erven Irving (Erwin)AAAAAkeAkeAAAAErven Irving (Erwin) 0March 17, 18842409253135Junction, Kimble Co., Texas00December 2, 19542435079647025826Brady, McCulloch Co., Texas  MYESY100 
Flex Russell Grundy Ake
Flex Russell GrundyAAAAAkeAkeAAAAFlex Russell Grundy 0before 1810238233120900yes2418855  -1  MYESYES 
Franklin (Frank) Wayne Ake
Franklin (Frank) WayneAAAAAkeAkeAAAAFranklin (Frank) Wayne 0February 24, 18892411058130Junction, Kimble Co., Texas33August 22, 19542434977656523919El Paso, Texas  MYESY100 
George Bob Ake
George BobAAAAAkeAkeAAAAGeorge Bob 0August 17, 192224232849700October 26, 19592436868593713584Lohn, McCulloch Co., Texas  MY100Y100R
George Davis Ake, Sr.
George Davis AAAAAkeAkeAAAAGeorge Davis  0February 19, 19012415435118Mason Co., Texas00May 11, 19712441083487025648Bexar Co., Texas  MYESY100 
George Davis Ake, Jr.
George Davis AAAAAkeAkeAAAAGeorge Davis  0November 4, 1933242738185Bexar Co., Texas00October 7, 19732441963453914582Walker Co., Texas  MY100Y100R
George Henry Ake
George HenryAAAAAkeAkeAAAAGeorge Henry 0December 25, 18552398943163near, Fort Smith, Sebastian Co, Arkansas, USA1414April 14, 19212422794986523851Lohn, McCulloch Co, Texas, USA  MYESY100 
George Manda Ake
George MandaAAAAAkeAkeAAAAGeorge Manda 0April 22, 18942412941125Brown Co, Texas00April 28, 1894241294712506Brown Co, Texas  MYESYES 
George Moses Ake
George MosesAAAAAkeAkeAAAAGeorge Moses 0March 3, 19152420560104Brady, McCulloch Co., Texas00January 3, 20022452278178631718El Paso, Texas  MYESY100 
George P. (Red) Ake
George P. (Red)AAAAAkeAkeAAAAGeorge P. (Red) 0May 20, 18802407856139Mason Co., Texas00October 1, 191524207721033512916Waldrip, Texas  MYESYES 
Georgia Ake
GeorgiaAAAAAkeAkeAAAAGeorgia 019162421046103McCulloch Co., Texas00yes2457571  -1  FYESY100R
Gordon (Buck) Ake
Gordon (Buck)AAAAAkeAkeAAAAGordon (Buck) 019092418490110McCulloch Co., Texas11yes2455015  -1  MYESY100R
Gordon W. Ake
Gordon W.AAAAAkeAkeAAAAGordon W. 0November 14, 1935242812183McCulloch Co., Texas00December 4, 19712441290473613169Brady, McCulloch Co., Texas  MY100Y100 
Grace Ake
GraceAAAAAkeAkeAAAAGrace 019112419220108McCulloch Co., Texas00yes2455745  -1  FYESY100R
Herman Marvin Ake, Jr
Herman Marvin AAAAAkeAkeAAAAHerman Marvin  0February 4, 1933242710886Mason Co., Texas00March 15, 20012451984186824876San Angelo, TX Hospital  MY100Y100R
Herman Marvin Claude Ake
Herman Marvin ClaudeAAAAAkeAkeAAAAHerman Marvin Claude 0July 18, 18962413759123Mason Co., Texas00November 18, 19762443101428029342Brady, McCulloch Co., Texas buried Rest Haven Cemetery  MYESY100 
Hiram Ed Ake
Hiram EdAAAAAkeAkeAAAAHiram Ed 0May 18882410774131Texas0019422430543775319602Union Bend, Mason Co., Texas  MYESY100 
Ida Ake
Ida Green
Ida Rood
IdaAAAAAkeAkeAAAAIda 0March 3, 1890241143012922February 12, 19692440265507828835Bogata, Red River Co., Texas  FYESY100 
Infant Ake
InfantAAAAAkeAkeAAAAInfant 0July 25, 1913241997410600July 25, 1913241997410600Lohn, McCulloch Co., Texas  MYESYES 
Ira Hugh Ake
Ira HughAAAAAkeAkeAAAAIra Hugh 0July 28, 1915242070710400September 17, 19892447787307427080Brady, McCulloch Co., Texas  MYESY100 
Iris Nell Ake
Iris Nell Strebeck
Iris NellAAAAAkeAkeAAAAIris Nell 0February 4, 1914242016810500yes2456841  -1  FYESY100R
Jackson Ake
JacksonAAAAAkeAkeAAAAJackson 0April 4, 18952413288124Texas00February 25, 19782443565418230277Brady, McCulloch Co., Texas  MYESY100 
James Henry Ake
James HenryAAAAAkeAkeAAAAJames Henry 0May 3, 18792407473140Pontotoc, Mason Co., Texas55January 28, 19492432945706925472Big Springs, Texas  MYESY100 
Jefferson Jackson Ake
Jefferson JacksonAAAAAkeAkeAAAAJefferson Jackson 0 2379409 00yes2415933  -1  MYESYES 
John Dave Ake
John DaveAAAAAkeAkeAAAAJohn Dave 0April 30, 18922412219127Llano, Llano Co., Texas11October 17, 19582436494606624275Brady, McCulloch Co., Texas  MYESY100 
John Edward Ake
John EdwardAAAAAkeAkeAAAAJohn Edward 0July 5, 18772406806142Junction, Kimble Co., Texas00March 19, 19562435552637828746McCullough Co., Texas  MYESY100 
John H. W. Ake
John H. W.AAAAAkeAkeAAAAJohn H. W. 0March 25, 18622401225157Texas00November 18, 19422430682768029457Mason Co., Texas  MYESY100 
John Malden Ake
John MaldenAAAAAkeAkeAAAAJohn Malden 01823238707919600yes2423603  -1  MYESY100 
John Robert Ake
John RobertAAAAAkeAkeAAAAJohn Robert 0August 19, 18912411964128San Saba, San Saba Co., Texas00February 16, 19632438077567126113Morgan Mill, Erath Co., Texas  MYESY100 
John W. (Seth Pappy) Ake
John W. (Seth Pappy)AAAAAkeAkeAAAAJohn W. (Seth Pappy) 018302389636189Tennessee99April 26, 188824107541315821300Mason Co., Texas  MYESYES 
Joseph Henderson Ake
Joseph HendersonAAAAAkeAkeAAAAJoseph Henderson 0about 17942376488225Tennessee55186024005931596624105Arkansas  MYESYES 
Joseph Henderson Ake
Joseph HendersonAAAAAkeAkeAAAAJoseph Henderson 017692367357250Tennessee1010181223830612074315704Bedford, Tennessee  MYESYESR
Joseph Pat Ake
Joseph PatAAAAAkeAkeAAAAJoseph Pat 0February 18, 18862409956133Texas00October 18, 19582436495607226539Brady, McCulloch Co., Texas  MYESY100 
Joseph Pinkey Ake
Joseph PinkeyAAAAAkeAkeAAAAJoseph Pinkey 0April 6, 18572399411162Texas88June 25, 19282425423917126012Union Bend, Mason Co., Texas  MYESY100 
Joseph William Ake
Joseph WilliamAAAAAkeAkeAAAAJoseph William 0October 30, 1844239487017400May 21, 18642402013155197143Fort Smith, Arkansas  MYESYES 
Josia Ake
JosiaAAAAAkeAkeAAAAJosia 018672403150152Kansas00September 186924039561502974Sebastian Co., Arkansas  FYESYES 
Kathy Rae Ake
Kathy RaeAAAAAkeAkeAAAAKathy Rae 0December 19, 195124340006700October 26, 196124375995793599House fire  FY100Y100R
Laura P. Ake
Laura P. Campbell
Laura P.AAAAAkeAkeAAAALaura P. 0January 8, 18402393113179Arkansas66February 14, 187724066651423713552Fort Smith, Arkansas  FYESYES 
Letha Leah Ake
Letha Leah Ward
Letha LeahAAAAAkeAkeAAAALetha Leah 0about 17952376853224Tennessee88yes2413377  -1  FYESYES 
Lillie Belle (Lou) Ake
Lillie Belle (Lou)AAAAAkeAkeAAAALillie Belle (Lou) 0October 11, 1937242881881Mason Co., Texas00November 22, 19982451140206122322Junction, Texas  FY100Y100R
Lonzo (Louis A.) Ake
Lonzo (Louis A.)AAAAAkeAkeAAAALonzo (Louis A.) 0September 9, 18862410159133Texas00November 3, 188824109451302786Rembold Ranch Cemetery, Kimble Co., Texas  MYESYES 
Lorine Louinia Ake
Lorine LouiniaAAAAAkeAkeAAAALorine Louinia 0March 25, 19152420582104Texas00yes2457206  -1  FYESY100R
Lou Ella Ake
Lou Ella Stroope
Lou EllaAAAAAkeAkeAAAALou Ella 0June 18, 18752406058144Mason, Mason Co., Texas77August 12, 19502433506697527448Brady, McCullock Co., Texas  FYESY100 
Louisa (Junie) Catherine Ake
Louisa (Junie) Catherine Landrum
Louisa (Junie) CatherineAAAAAkeAkeAAAALouisa (Junie) Catherine 0March 15, 18522397563167Sebastian Co., Arkansas99March 21, 191124191171085921554Farmington, St Francoia Co., Missouri  FYESYES 
Lucy Ake
Lucy Huffman
Lucy Larremore
LucyAAAAAkeAkeAAAALucy 0March 13, 18722404866147Texas66April 4, 19312426436885921570Lohn, McCulloch Co., Texas  FYESY100 
Mable L. Ake
Mable L.AAAAAkeAkeAAAAMable L. 0July 23, 192924258169000April 23, 19822445083375219267Brady, McCulloch Co., Texas  FY100Y100R
Martha Ake
MarthaAAAAAkeAkeAAAAMartha 01833239073218611yes2427256  -1  FYESY100 
Martha Emily (Em) Ake
Martha Emily (Em) Hendryx
Martha Emily (Em) Ake
Martha Emily (Em)AAAAAkeAkeAAAAMartha Emily (Em) 0December 26, 18692404058149Hope, Arkansas88November 19, 19402429953787025895McCulloch Co., Texas  FYESY100 
Martha Pinkie Ake
Martha Pinkie Pennington
Martha PinkieAAAAAkeAkeAAAAMartha Pinkie 0November 26, 18482396358170Missouri33January 27, 18722404820147238462Fort Smith, Sebastian Co., Arkansas  FYESYES 
Mary B. Ake
Mary B.AAAAAkeAkeAAAAMary B. 0 2379409 00yes2415933  -1  FYESYES 
Mary Jane (Mollie) Ake
Mary Jane (Mollie) McFarland
Mary Jane (Mollie)AAAAAkeAkeAAAAMary Jane (Mollie) 0May 4, 18642401996155Texas1111March 28, 19532434465668832469Mason Co., Texas  FYESY100 
Mitcham Lun Ake
Mitcham LunAAAAAkeAkeAAAAMitcham Lun 0 2379409 00yes2415933  -1  FYESYES 
Mollie Mary Ake
Mollie MaryAAAAAkeAkeAAAAMollie Mary 0about 1858239986316122December 24, 19492433275699133594  FYESY100 
Nancy Ake
NancyAAAAAkeAkeAAAANancy 0 2420681 001937242871782 -1Wichita Falls, Wichita Co., Texas  FYESY100 
Nancy A. Ake
Nancy A.AAAAAkeAkeAAAANancy A. 0January 27, 18972413952122Texas00November 8, 1900241533211831380McCulloch Co., Texas  FYESYES 
Nancy A. Ake
Nancy A.AAAAAkeAkeAAAANancy A. 01825238781019433yes2424334  -1  FYESY100 
Nancy Ella Ann Ake
Nancy Ella Ann Cavin
Nancy Ella AnnAAAAAkeAkeAAAANancy Ella Ann 0August 22, 18912411967128Texas22October 28, 19612437601577025634Los Angelos Co, California  FYESY100 
Nancy Sevier Ake
Nancy SevierAAAAAkeAkeAAAANancy Sevier 0about 1805238050521400yes2417029  -1  FYESYES 
Odis Hugh Ake
Odis HughAAAAAkeAkeAAAAOdis Hugh 0May 2, 19102418794109McCullough Co., Texas00March 5, 19762442843436524049San Angelo, Tom Green Co., Texas  MYESY100 
Ollie E. Ake
Ollie E.AAAAAkeAkeAAAAOllie E. 0July 23, 19082418146111McCulloch Co., Texas00January 21, 1913241978910641643Lohn, McCulloch Co., Texas  MYESYES 
R. J. Ake
R. J.AAAAAkeAkeAAAAR. J. 0September 7, 1925242440194Texas00July 29, 19832445545365721144Brady, McCulloch Co., Texas  MY100Y100R
Raligh P. (Spot) Ake
Raligh P. (Spot)AAAAAkeAkeAAAARaligh P. (Spot) 0October 3, 18942413105124Fredonia, Mason Co., Texas00February 25, 19542434799655921694McCulloch Co., Texas  MYESY100 
Reuben H (Cracker). Ake
Reuben H (Cracker).AAAAAkeAkeAAAAReuben H (Cracker). 0May 19, 19002415159119Mason, Mason Co., Texas00June 30, 19492433098704917939Mason, Mason Co, Texas  MYESY100 
Robert (Bob) Ake
Robert (Bob)AAAAAkeAkeAAAARobert (Bob) 0July 17, 18632401704156Texas66April 13, 19202422428995620724McCulloch Co., Texas  MYESY100 
Roger Ray Ake
Roger RayAAAAAkeAkeAAAARoger Ray 0January 23, 194924329407000January 26, 194924329437003  MY100Y100R
Roger Ray Ake
Roger RayAAAAAkeAkeAAAARoger Ray 0October 12, 195524353936300October 26, 196124375995762206House fire  MY100Y100R
Tida (Tidie) Ake
Tida (Tidie) Sanders
Tida (Tidie)AAAAAkeAkeAAAATida (Tidie) 0February 16, 18982414337121Mason Co., Texas00June 19822445136378430785Fredericksburg, Gillespie Co., Texas  FYESY100 
Unice Maudie (Judy) Ake
Unice Maudie (Judy) Dunham
Unice Maudie (Judy) Wigginton
Unice Maudie (Judy)AAAAAkeAkeAAAAUnice Maudie (Judy) 0December 6, 19042416821114McCulloch Co., Texas00March 20, 19662439205536122384  FYESY100 
Ura Claudie (Punch) Ake
Ura Claudie (Punch) Washburn
Ura Claudie (Punch) Skurlock
Ura Claudie (Punch)AAAAAkeAkeAAAAUra Claudie (Punch) 0December 6, 19042416821114McCulloch Co, Texas00July 16, 19822445167377728346Comanche, Comanche Co., Texas  FYESY100 
Vida Ake
VidaAAAAAkeAkeAAAAVida 0February 16, 18982414337121Mason Co., Texas00March 25, 19532434462665520125Union Bend, Mason Co., Texas  FYESY100 
Walter A. Ake
Walter A.AAAAAkeAkeAAAAWalter A. 0October 29, 18692404000149Mason, Mason Co, Texas22October 6, 19522434292668230292Pontotoc, Mason Co., Texas  MYESY100 
William Ake
WilliamAAAAAkeAkeAAAAWilliam 0 2396941 00yes2433465  -1  MYESY100 
William Ake, Sr.
William AAAAAkeAkeAAAAWilliam  0December 28, 17902375206228Tennessee00February 25, 187024041191497928913Georgetown, Williamson Co., Texas  MYESYES 
William M. (Blind Bill) Ake
William M. (Blind Bill)AAAAAkeAkeAAAAWilliam M. (Blind Bill) 018292389271190Alabama33yes2425795  -1  MYESY100