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Individuals : Gailey - webtreesonline


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A. C. Gailey
A. C.AAAAGaileyGaileyAAAAA. C. 0December 24, 1921242304897Sherman, Grayson Co., Texas00November 8, 20022452587178029539Sherman, , Grayson Co., Texas  MY100Y100 
Anne Letha Narcissus Rowe Gailey
Anne Letha Narcissus RoweAAAAGaileyGaileyAAAAAnne Letha Narcissus Rowe 0October 10, 19182421877101Grayson Co., Texas00September 10, 19962450337237728460Mesquite, Dallas Co, Texas  FYESY100R
Annie Gailey
AnnieAAAAGaileyGaileyAAAAAnnie 01912241958510700yes2456110  -1  FYESY100 
Charley Haskel Gailey
Charley HaskelAAAAGaileyGaileyAAAACharley Haskel 019082418124111Pontotoc Co., Oklahoma00yes2454649  -1  MYESY100 
David Gailey
DavidAAAAGaileyGaileyAAAADavid 01913241995110600yes2456476  -1  MYESY100 
David Leroy Gailey
David LeroyAAAAGaileyGaileyAAAADavid Leroy 0December 7, 18762406596142Indiana66January 27, 19232423447964616851Pontotoc Co., Oklahoma  MYESY100 
Edna Mae Gailey
Edna Mae Martin
Edna Mae Hathaway
Edna MaeAAAAGaileyGaileyAAAAEdna Mae 0December 17, 1936242852082Denison, Grayson Co, Texas, USA00October 24, 20052453668146825148Austin, Travis Co, Texas, USA  FY100Y100R
Emma Gailey
EmmaAAAAGaileyGaileyAAAAEmma 0December 1884240952713400yes2445883  -1  FYESY100 
Estelle Marie Gailey
Estelle MarieAAAAGaileyGaileyAAAAEstelle Marie 0December 2, 1954243507964Madonna Hospital, Denison, Grayson Co., Texas00February 6, 1955243514564066Grayson Co., Texas buried Cedarlawn Cemetery, Armstrong's Lot. Sherman, Grayson Co., Texas  FY100Y100R
Eugene C. Gailey
Eugene C.AAAAGaileyGaileyAAAAEugene C. 0July 21, 19182421796101Oklahoma00December 15, 19912448606277326810Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Co, OK  MYESY100 
Howard M. Gailey
Howard M.AAAAGaileyGaileyAAAAHoward M. 0February 1881240812613800August 25, 19562435711637527598  MYESY100 
Hugh William Gailey, Jr.
Hugh William AAAAGaileyGaileyAAAAHugh William  0July 26, 1949243312470Denison, Grayson Co., Texas00December 20, 20042453360145520236Denison, Grayson Co., Texas  MY100Y100 
Hugh William Rowe Gailey
Hugh William RoweAAAAGaileyGaileyAAAAHugh William Rowe 0March 5, 1924242385095Sherman, Grayson Co., Texas33January 14, 19982450828217326978Denison, Grayson Co., Texas  MY100Y100R
Isaac Gailey
IsaacAAAAGaileyGaileyAAAAIsaac 018272388540192Tennessee33185723994981623010958Missouri  MYESYES 
James Gailey
JamesAAAAGaileyGaileyAAAAJames 0January 20, 18472395682172Missouri66after 189324126471264516783Indian Territory(Oklahoma) or Texas(?)  MYESYES 
James Gailey
JamesAAAAGaileyGaileyAAAAJames 018802407898139Texas00yes2444422  -1  MYESY100 
James W. Gailey
James W.AAAAGaileyGaileyAAAAJames W. 0August 8, 19132419988106Grayson Co., Texas00September 16, 19432430984763010996Salerno, Italy  MYESY100 
James Washington Gailey
James WashingtonAAAAGaileyGaileyAAAAJames Washington 0July 5, 18912411919128Missouri33December 31, 19562435839626523920Denison, Grayson Co, Texas  MYESY100 
James William Gailey
James WilliamAAAAGaileyGaileyAAAAJames William 0December 28, 1929242597489Sherman, Grayson Co., Texas00March 26, 20072454186127728212Denison, Grayson Co., Texas  MY100Y100 
Jennie Gailey
JennieAAAAGaileyGaileyAAAAJennie 0October 1883240910013600between 1900 and 19102417029119165936  FYESYES 
John Gailey
JohnAAAAGaileyGaileyAAAAJohn 018492396576170Missouri00yes2433100  -1  MYESY100 
John Alton Gailey
John AltonAAAAGaileyGaileyAAAAJohn Alton 0August 20, 1934242767085Sherman, Grayson Co., Texas00December 6, 20022452615166824945Dallas, Dallas Co., Texas  MY100Y100 
Johnnie Izoel Bell Rowe Gailey
Johnnie Izoel Bell Rowe Nichols
Johnnie Izoel Bell RoweAAAAGaileyGaileyAAAAJohnnie Izoel Bell Rowe 0October 12, 1921242297598Whitesboro, Grayson Co., Texas00May 24, 19912448401286925426Denison, Grayson Co., Texas  FY100Y100R
Johnnie Jack Gailey
Johnnie JackAAAAGaileyGaileyAAAAJohnnie Jack 0March 6, 1952243407867Denison, Grayson Co., Texas00July 1, 20002451727194817649Parkland Hospital, Dallas Co., Texas  MY100Y100 
Johnny Jim Gailey
Johnny JimAAAAGaileyGaileyAAAAJohnny Jim 0July 25, 1972244152447Baylor Hospital, Dallas, Dallas Co., Texas00January 3, 20002451547192710023Dallas, Dallas Co., Texas  MY100Y100R
Joseph Gailey
JosephAAAAGaileyGaileyAAAAJoseph 018582399863161Missouri00yes2436387  -1  MYESY100 
Lillie Belle Gailey
Lillie Belle Matties
Lillie BelleAAAAGaileyGaileyAAAALillie Belle 0June 12, 19062417374113Whiteright, Grayson Co., Texas00December 30, 19842446065347828691Chelsea, Michigan  FYESY100 
Loreda Loretta (Galey) Gailey
Loreda Loretta (Galey)AAAAGaileyGaileyAAAALoreda Loretta (Galey) 0October 17, 19172421519102Grayson Co., Texas00November 19, 19892447850297226331Grayson Co., Texas  FYESY100 
Lucinda Gailey
LucindaAAAAGaileyGaileyAAAALucinda 018372392193182Illinois or Tennessee99yes2428717  -1  FYESY100 
Mahulda Gailey
Mahulda Williams
MahuldaAAAAGaileyGaileyAAAAMahulda 018202385983199Tennessee77yes2422507  -1  FYESY100 
Nancy Gailey
NancyAAAAGaileyGaileyAAAANancy 018492396576170Missouri00yes2433100  -1  FYESY100 
Pearl Lee (Galey) Gailey
Pearl Lee (Galey)AAAAGaileyGaileyAAAAPearl Lee (Galey) 0September 28, 19072417847112Sherman, Grayson Co., Texas00April 19872446901327929040Dallas, Dallas Co., Texas  FYESY100 
Peter Thomas Gailey
Peter ThomasAAAAGaileyGaileyAAAAPeter Thomas 0October 18782407274141Missouri77yes2443692  -1Texas  MYESY100 
Robert Fred Gailey
Robert FredAAAAGaileyGaileyAAAARobert Fred 0March 25, 1961243738458Denison, Grayson Co., Texas00December 20, 20042453360144315976Denison, Grayson Co., Texas  MY100Y100 
Robert Leroy Gailey
Robert LeroyAAAAGaileyGaileyAAAARobert Leroy 0October 7, 19062417491113Pontotoc Co., Oklahoma00November 5, 19592436878605319387  MYESY100 
Rosa Mae Gailey
Rosa Mae Elliott
Rosa MaeAAAAGaileyGaileyAAAARosa Mae 0April 3, 19112419130108Grayson Co., Texas00yes2455745  -1  FYESY100 
Rose Marie Gailey
Rose Marie Simpson
Rose MarieAAAAGaileyGaileyAAAARose Marie 0November 22, 1931242666887Denison, Grayson Co, Texas, USA00January 2, 2006
January 2, 2006
2453738137427070Dallas, Dallas Co, Texas, USA
Dallas, Dallas Co, TX
Rosie Marie Gailey
Rosie Marie Wright
Rosie MarieAAAAGaileyGaileyAAAARosie Marie 0April 15, 18892411108130Missouri22December 19722441668468330545Houston, Harris Co., Texas  FYESY100 
Sophorna Gailey
SophornaAAAAGaileyGaileyAAAASophorna 018522397671167Missouri00yes2434195  -1  FYESY100 
Thelma Gailey
ThelmaAAAAGaileyGaileyAAAAThelma 01911241922010800yes2455745  -1  FYESY100 
Thomas Gailey
ThomasAAAAGaileyGaileyAAAAThomas 018442394749175Missouri00yes2431273  -1  MYESY100 
Thomas Gailey
ThomasAAAAGaileyGaileyAAAAThomas 018292389271190Tennessee33yes2425795  -1  MYESY100 
Thomas Gailey
ThomasAAAAGaileyGaileyAAAAThomas 0about 17952376853224Tennessee44yes2413377  -1  MYESYESR
Thomas M. Gailey
Thomas M.AAAAGaileyGaileyAAAAThomas M. 0January 18352391295184Indiana33yes2427986  -1Pontotoc Co., Oklahoma  MYESY100R
William Leander Gailey Sr
William LeanderAAAAGaileyGaileyAAAAWilliam Leander 0February 26, 18932412521126Stonewall, Pontotoc Co, Indian Territory (later Oklahoma), USA00January 21, 19592436590606524069Pasadena, Harris Co, Texas, USA  MYESY100 
William Lee Gailey
William LeeAAAAGaileyGaileyAAAAWilliam Lee 0August 8, 19132419988106Grayson Co., Texas00December 4, 19912448595277828607Gainesville, Cooke Co., Texas  MYESY100